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Trina Solar Awarded “Decarbonisation Leader” by the EUCCC

TIME:2023-09-21 15:14   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

    At the 2023 Sustainable Business Awards Conference & Ceremony recently hosted by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), with a theme of “ Embracing the Critical Transition & Measuring Unexpected Impacts”, Trina Solar stood out from the intense competition involving 65 companies and was awarded “Decarbonisation Leader” for its efforts and achievements in low-carbon transition and climate change mitigation. This highlighted Trina Solar’s exceptional decarbonisation performance at the level of business operations, as well as its best-in-class decarbonisation practices. This prestigious award is a testament to Trina Solar’s longstanding commitment to the global decarbonisation initiative, its support for China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and its contribution to achieving the climate ambitions outlined in the Paris Agreement.


    Following the UN Sustainable Development Goals and China’s policy on environmental protection, the European Chamber of Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) evaluates companies based on their engagement in sustainable development initiatives and their long-term business impact. This year, the SBA categories consist of Circular Economy Pioneer, Decarbonisation Leader, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader, Environmental Pioneer, Rural Development Pioneer, Resilient Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Pioneer, and Sustainability Due Diligence Leader. In particular, the Decarbonisation Leader recognizes efforts and achievements in leading the low-carbon transition and addressing climate change, aiming to create a role model to inspire more companies to reduce carbon emissions, achieve green growth, and facilitate sustainable development.


    Trina Solar has long championed the principles of sustainable development. As one of the earliest PV companies in China, Trina Solar was inspired by the Kyoto Protocol and the US Million Solar Roofs Initiative and has adopted a wide range of strategies to reduce carbon emissions. Leveraging our advantages in product development, technological innovation, and manufacturing capabilities, Trina Solar has been a driving force behind sustainable development.


    Innovation represents the internal driver of corporate development. At Trina Solar, we have remained committed to innovation-driven growth. As the industry leader across multiple domains, Trina Solar has set and topped the world record 25 times in terms of PV cell conversion efficiency and module output power. Our Vertex modules, covering a full range of 210mm solar modules, were awarded the Carbon Footprint Certificate by TÜV Rheinland. With carbon footprint values ranging from 395 to 430 kg/kW, Vertex modules lead the industry and empower global green development by delivering superior performance and lower carbon emissions.


    Our Yiwu manufacturing facility obtained the Net-Zero Factory (Type 1) Certificate in 2022, making it the first certified net-zero factory in the industry. With an accolade of honors and awards, including National Green Factory, National Green Design Product, Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprise, and National Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise, we have become the first company in Changzhou to hit a grand slam in green manufacturing.


    Trina Solar has also deployed the East-West Collaboration Project by establishing a “ net-zero industrial park integrating power generation, transmission, loading, and storage” in West China. This initiative has accelerated the implementation of new power systems centering on clean energy, fostering a new landscape of joint growth for the PV industry and the net-zero new energy sector.


    Furthermore, Trina Solar and WWF co-launched the “Clean Energy for Earth” campaign to urge the extensive adoption of clean energy and jointly build a carbon-neutral future. The company also won the WWF’s Outstanding Climate Solver award in 2022.


    As of Q2 2023, Trina Solar’s business now covers over 160 countries and regions worldwide. Our global shipment of PV modules has exceeded 150 GW, ranking No.1 globally in terms of PV 210 module shipment. We have helped the world generate 202.5 billion kWh of clean energy, equivalent to the installed capacity of 6.5 Three Gorges Dam hydropower stations. Our efforts have led to a total reduction of 201.89 million tons of CO2 emissions, 6.08 million tons of SO2 emissions, and 55.08 million tons of carbon dust emissions, which is comparable to planting 11 billion trees on the planet.


    Moving forward, as it continues to fulfill the mission of “Solar Energy For All”, Trina Solar will be committed to leading the way in smart solar energy solutions and facilitating the transformation of new power systems for a net-zero future.

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