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Professor Lu Yanxiang was invited to participate in the launch of "Inheritance of the Great Wall of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Healthy China Tour" - the legendary moment witnessed by the torch relay of the Great Wall of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TIME:2024-01-04 07:24   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:xiaozhuang

On December 24, the series activities of "Healthy Chinese Journey of Traditional Chinese Medicine" were held in Juyongguan Great Wall in Beijing. This activity aims to promote Chinese medicine culture, promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine, and contribute to the health and well-being of the people. Wu Yupu, the former secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, Wei Guikang, a master of Chinese medicine, Cai Minggang, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance Working Committee of the Chinese National Health Association, Lu Yanxiang, the founder of Chinese medicine strange needle, and many other experts and scholars and industry leaders gathered together to witness this historical moment. In addition, more than 300 media and delegates from all over the country also participated in the event.

According to legend, Healthy China Travel focuses on the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine with the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine and building up the backbone of China" and the purpose of "inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine". In the current era, the value of traditional Chinese medicine has not been weakened, but has received more and more attention and recognition due to its unique efficacy and profound theoretical basis. This activity is to encourage the young generation to deeply understand and learn Chinese medicine knowledge, cultivate more Chinese medicine talents, and ensure the continuation of this valuable knowledge and skill.

Professor Lu Yanxiang and Olympic champion Yang Ling carried the torch together

In addition to the inheritance of the traditional Chinese medicine culture, the "Inheritance of Firewood · Healthy Chinese Travel" also advocates a healthy lifestyle. In the fast-paced modern life, people often neglect their health. Through popularizing the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, the activity reminds people to pay attention to their health and choose a healthier lifestyle. This is not only a responsibility for personal health, but also a contribution to family and society.

It is worth mentioning that this activity also incorporates the elements of torch relay, which is not only a tribute to traditional culture, but also a powerful promotion of the popularity of Chinese medicine at home and abroad. Through this ritual link, more people can understand and participate in the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, the "Inheritance of Passion and Healthy Chinese Travel" has also built a platform for international cooperation and exchange of traditional Chinese medicine. As the international community's awareness of traditional Chinese medicine continues to improve, there are more and more opportunities for international cooperation and investment. Through this event, we hope to attract more international partners to jointly promote the internationalization process of Chinese medicine and make Chinese medicine, the treasure of Chinese civilization, shine on the international stage.

Professor Lu Yanxiang and the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wei Guikang carried the torch together

Professor Lu Yanxiang was very excited after taking part in the torch relay activity of "Heirloom · Healthy China". He felt deeply that, as an expert in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, he could personally participate in this landmark torch relay, hold the torch representing the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine "flying" on the Great Wall, a world-class intangible cultural site, and promote the idea of standing up the backbone of China, which is a great honor for him. Professor Lu stressed that the torch in his hand not only represents personal honor, but also carries the image of traditional Chinese medicine. He said that this activity is not only a simple torch relay, but also a kind of inheritance and promotion of the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine. Finally, Professor Lu called on everyone to cheer for this activity and for China! He firmly believed that with the joint efforts of all of us, Chinese medicine, the treasure of Chinese civilization, would be able to shine more brightly in the world.

Professor Lu Yanxiang, a permanent member of the Chinese Pain Medical Association, a special guest of the Chinese Folk Chinese Medicine Association, Zhongguo Guojia (Beijing) Anti aging Medical Research Center, a Chinese medicine health researcher, a senior acupuncturist, a senior lecturer of international Chinese medicine, the founder of meridian physiotherapy, the Chinese Star of 2022, a master of Xinglin, an outstanding Chinese folk medicine, has successively won the titles of intangible heritage technician of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and health manager of traditional Chinese medicine, He was incorporated into the famous doctor of Zhang Zhongjing's portal website in the medical shrine, took the position of vice chairman of the famous medical website of a big country, and was the founder of the wonderful needle of traditional Chinese medicine. He was awarded the title of the Chinese medicine authority of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts and the honorary title of the international expert of traditional Chinese medicine. The Great Wall of Traditional Chinese Medicine has achieved the title of person with brilliant sword.

Born in 1952, he loved Chinese medicine at a young age and graduated from Harbin Bethune Medical University. The doctor in charge of traditional Chinese medicine, who has worked for more than 40 years, has accumulated a lot of clinical experience in pain diseases. Indications: Good at pain diseases. For neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarthritis, lumbar disc herniation, hyperosteogeny, sciatica, limb numbness, vertebral column bending, ankylosing spondylitis. Cardiopulmonary disease, depressed bowel disease, andrology disease, gynecological disease, stroke hemiplegia, facial paralysis, facial nerve spasm and other difficult and miscellaneous diseases. The use of meridian theory can completely solve the above problems. The odd needle can make diabetics recover normal blood sugar and completely get rid of medication. Hypertension patients recover normal blood pressure without medication. Get back to health!

When it comes to the torch relay, Professor Lu believes that it is just like the pulse of traditional Chinese medicine. The teacher will pass on what he has learned throughout his life to the next generation of Chinese medicine practitioners. It will be passed down from generation to generation to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine. The torch relay also made him understand that as a Chinese medicine person, he should not forget his original intention to treat more patients and spread happiness and health to more families and wider areas while treating diseases and healing the wounded.

The successful holding of the series of activities of "Inheritance of Good Fortune · Healthy China Trip" at Juyongguan Great Wall in Beijing not only deepened people's understanding and understanding of Chinese medicine culture, but also injected new vitality and power into the development of Chinese medicine. I believe that with the joint efforts of the whole society, the cause of traditional Chinese medicine will usher in a better tomorrow. At the same time, the torch relay is a ritual way to enhance the popularity of traditional Chinese medicine at home and abroad, promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, attract international cooperation and investment, promote the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, let the world better understand and recognize the value of traditional Chinese medicine, and further promote traditional Chinese medicine to the world.

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