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Exploring the Future of Technological Innovation

TIME:2023-09-25 16:10   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

The globally renowned Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is set to host the “Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair” and the “International Electronics Components and Production Technology Exhibition” from October 13th to 16th, 2023, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This premier event is poised to showcase the latest in electronic technologies, products, and innovative solutions, offering an unparalleled feast for the global electronics industry.

Within this grand exhibition, the Hong Kong Value Creation For Technology Awards will be featured as a pivotal event. Co-organized by the Angel Investment Foundation and the HKTDC, this award aims to uncover and recognize projects that have demonstrated substantial investment value through various innovative technologies. Since its commencement in 2018, the awards have been successfully conducted five times, emerging as one of the most widely recognized entrepreneurial competitions in Hong Kong’s information technology sector.

This year’s competition already saw its first round of on-site evaluations on April 12th, where the top ten projects were selected for the finals from numerous startup booths. The finals will also be graced by Dr. Chen Baili, Deputy Director of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, and a Justice of the Peace, who will deliver a speech and present awards.

Annually, the awards are conducted during the Spring and Autumn Electronics Exhibitions organized by the HKTDC, attracting nearly a hundred startup projects. The competition has proven to be a crucial platform for fostering technological innovation and investment, with several award-winning projects securing multi-million-dollar financing post-competition.

A highlight of this year’s competition is the inaugural inclusion of distinguished marketing corporations from mainland China in the panel of judges, aiming to introduce premium projects to the mainland and to provide more specialized marketing guidance. We are honored to have Mr. Xiao Jie, CEO of Chance-One Group, as the exclusive judge from the mainland. Mr. Xiao, with his extensive experience in media and marketing, is a forerunner in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for transformative impacts in the field of marketing. His involvement will play a guiding role in the market and marketing areas for the quality projects within the competition. His corporation, Chance-One Group, along with its branches in Hong Kong and the mainland, will also oversee the implementation and marketing of quality projects.

This competition is not just a celebration of technological innovation but also a vital opportunity to advance technological development and investment collaborations. It brings together global innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss the future trajectories and investment value of technology. We warmly welcome experts, scholars, innovators, and investors to join this competition, to jointly witness the splendid moments of technological innovation, and to explore unlimited technological possibilities and business opportunities.

(Interview and Article by: Lin Fengxin; Photography: Wu Fan)

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