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Exploring the Essence of Fashion, an Expression and Lifestyle - A Conversation with Terris Zhang

TIME:2023-09-16 15:26   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

September 14, 2023 — As a shining star in the world of fashion, Terris Zhang has been leading the fashion industry's development with his unique artistic vision and business values.


Looking back at Terris Zhang's career, it becomes evident that he had already exuded creativity and passion when he unveiled the PAKEMAZHANG brand's Spring/Summer 2015 collection in Paris back in 2014. Despite years in the fashion industry, he has consistently maintained his love for design and originality. This unwavering pursuit of excellence led him to establish the TERRIS ZHANG brand in 2018, which aims to blend lifestyle with art, design, technology, and sustainability, shaping the future of fashion trends.


Terris Zhang's unique experiences have provided an endless source of inspiration for his creations. Having lived alone and spent extended periods in various countries, he has had extensive cultural exposure and profound interpersonal interactions. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, artists, designers, and intriguing individuals from various fields, he incorporates all of this into his profound reflections and understanding of culture, art, and life. When asked what sparked his interest in fashion during an interview, Terris Zhang remarked, "It's the power inherent in clothing and its ability to transform the wearer's demeanor. Clothing is not just about appearance; it's a language that communicates our surroundings and connects with others."


Terris Zhang's design styles are diverse, ranging from the minimalist PAKEMA ZHANG to the more versatile TERRIS ZHANG. He emphasizes that design should reflect the current and future needs of people, providing him with ample opportunities for experimentation and continuous inspiration. Seeking inspiration and creativity is a joy for Terris Zhang. He believes that life itself is the best source of inspiration and creativity, with every city, relationship, and piece of information serving as sources of inspiration for his designs.


Terris Zhang has a unique understanding of creativity: "Creativity is my passion and my forte. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of imagination to the fullest, never limiting my thoughts, and coming up with entirely new ideas in the next moment."

He also emphasizes the positive impact of engaging with interesting and genuine individuals, including both the young and the elderly, on his work. Their differing perspectives and insights inspire his creative process.


For designers aspiring to pursue creativity, Terris Zhang offers clear advice: "Design stems from life. Live mindfully and observe every detail of life. Every experience, big or small, can become inspiration for your work. Exceptional designers embrace such challenges actively, absorb the essence of cultures from different perspectives, perceive the essence of life, and allow room for imagination."


Terris Zhang, with his unique artistic thinking and business values, has become an outstanding figure in the fashion industry. His works not only reflect profound insights but also convey a commitment to sustainability, diversity, and innovation.



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