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Xiao Jie: Leading the Marketing Field into the AI Era

TIME:2023-08-15 16:25   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

When we talk about marketing, what often comes to mind are advertisements, brand promotion, market research, and consumer behavior analysis. These traditional marketing methods have been around for decades, but with the rapid advancement of technology, especially the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the field of marketing is undergoing unprecedented changes.

Xiao Jie, the CEO of Hong Kong Chance-One Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the pioneers of this transformation. With a rich media background, he has a profound understanding of marketing. In our interview, he shared his views on traditional marketing and how AI is reshaping the industry.

Flaws in Traditional Marketing

"Traditional marketing relies heavily on manual operations and experience-based judgments," says Xiao Jie. "This not only results in inefficiency but often leads to a waste of resources. For instance, to promote a new product, companies might need to release a large number of ads. However, many of them might not be targeted, leading to wasted advertising expenses."

Moreover, traditional market research and consumer behavior analysis often require a lot of time and effort. In a fast-paced market environment, such delays could mean missing out on key market opportunities.

Advantages of AI in Marketing

On the contrary, AI technology offers significant advantages in the marketing realm. Firstly, AI can provide more accurate market positioning and customer profiling for businesses through data analysis, leading to more targeted ad placements and a significant increase in ad conversion rates.

"With AI, we can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, extracting valuable insights that help companies make wiser decisions," explains Xiao Jie. "This not only boosts efficiency but also saves a lot of costs."

Furthermore, AI can help businesses better understand consumer needs and behaviors, allowing them to offer more personalized services and products. This not only enhances consumer loyalty but also increases sales.

Xiao Jie's Vision for AI in Marketing

As a leader in the marketing sector, Xiao Jie is very optimistic about the future of AI technology. He believes that AI will permeate every aspect of marketing, from market research and product design to ad placements and customer service.

"We've already seen preliminary applications of AI in marketing, but that's just the tip of the iceberg," he says. "In the future, AI will present even more possibilities, and I believe it will completely transform the face of marketing."

Mr. Xiao Jie and Prof.Eric C.Yim,JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Center

Since 2021, Xiao Jie has been dedicated to the R&D of AI applications in marketing. His AI marketing strategy assistant software, MarketingGPT, and AI video marketing assistant, SmartVideoGPT, are practical implementations of his vision, helping businesses utilize data more efficiently and cost-effectively.

However, Xiao Jie believes that to truly unlock the potential of AI, collaborative efforts in the industry are needed. "We require more collaboration and communication to collectively push the technological advancement in the marketing field," he states.

(Interview writer: Chen Yutong Photography: Bi Fei Interview translation: Jonny)

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