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The North and South Poles—Let Tiens and AAF bring you the best life science research at high latitudes

TIME:2023-08-14 18:04   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

Antarctic and Arctic International Forum (AAF) is a non-profit international organization based in London, UK, with offices set up in many countries.

Each polar region is not only a mecca of scientific exploration, but also a place of sustainable future. Thus, exploring these extreme environments matters really. Since each region is covered in snow and hostile to humans, various experiments may be conducted on the adaptability and survival strategy of lifeforms at highlatitudes.

Because of their exposure to the extreme elements, either tiny microbes like bacteria, fungi, algae and mosses or larger animals like insects, birds and mammals have been accustomed to the indigenous environments. An analysis of their adaptive mechanisms can clarify how they adapted themselves and evolved.

High-latitude life science research is of great importance because it may reveal what lies behind their self-adaptation and evolution. In addition, the results could help scientists better understand human diseases.

First, for example, observing these lifeforms may enable scientists to reflect upon how the cold-resistance mechanism protects human cells or organisms against extreme cold. Moreover, some lifeforms discovered in the polar regions could be made into drugs because of their bacteria or oxidation resistance.

Besides, relevant research may also reveal the negative effects of climate change. As either region is sensitive to global warming, ecological surveys could shed new light on how climate change affects biodiversity and ecosystem function.

For these reasons, the adaptability and survival strategy in question could inspire amazing ideas about solutions to human health issues. In other words, humanity may gain new insights into the mechanisms of cold, bacteria and oxidation resistance as well as the effects of climate change.

By sponsoring our research projects, you can support the following goals:

1. Scientific research: Each region is one of the most untamed corners of the world. Their ecosystems and biodiversity allow researchers to learn more about the origin of life on Earth, climate change, environmental impacts and human health. Please feel free to provide financial or technical support for our investigations. And your generosity will be highly appreciated.

2. Sustainable Growth: As one of the most fragile ecosystems, each region may fall victim to adverse factors like climate change, human activity and environmental pollution. With your support, the effects of such factors could be minimized by reducing pollution, preserving wild flora and fauna and boosting sustainable use of natural resources.

3. Social Responsibility: Give us support as much as possible—that’s what a responsible brand ought to do. Also, that’s because you care so much about nature. As you do that, more companies would follow in your footsteps and their actions would earn them more investors and consumers too.

4. Business Opportunities: Relevant research projects may offer you new business opportunities. So, why not join our projects to develop new products or services? They could have extensive use in environmental protection, sustainable energy, climate adaptation and life sciences.

Back in 1992, Li Jinyuan founded Tiens Group in Tianjin. After decades’ effort, it has blossomed into a business giant in biotechnology, health management, hoteliering, education, e-business and global trade.

Mr Li has been eager about educational progress in Muslim communities and elsewhere, becoming a good role model for China over the past 15 years.

We have focused on overseas business growth. As per regulations and customs, Tiens set up sound management and distribution frameworks globally. Now our business has spread across 224countries and areas, including 110 countries and areas where there are branches and more than 20 countries with production bases. In this way, Tiens has offered health foods, beauty and skincare products, household goods and healthcare devices among other 600-odd products to nearly 50 million families around the world.

What’s more, we have never neglected education. Our Tianjin Tiens College was founded in 1999 and upgraded to Tiens University in 2008.

Thus far, Tians has mainly engaged in new global direct-selling, Tiens Experience Shop, Jianyangshuo E-Business, All-Legend Hotel Alliance, All-Legend Cultural Tours and Taijisun Health Management.

Naturally, we have always focused on product quality. For instance, some of our products passed FDA approval, RoHS certification, CE marking, ECOCERT Organic Agriculture certification, Agriculture Biologique (AB)certification, MHLW FSA standards, DSN-MUI Syariah Compliance, Islamic Hala certification, ISO 22000 certification and HACCP certification throughout more than 100 countries.

For these years, we have developed a strong sense of responsibility and invested almost RMB 20 billion in educational, charity and outreach activities.

Tians Group and AAF aim to conduct life science research on lifeforms in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

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