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A healthier future for many more people—Now choose join Tiens and IECO to advance high-altitude healthcare

TIME:2023-08-14 18:02   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

National Polar Highlands Health Program (NPHP) is a non-profit international organization registered in London, UK, with offices set up in many countries.

Obviously, the program provides healthcare services for China, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush Himalaya(HI-WISE) region as well as the Caucasus and the Andes to assure many more people of a healthier future.

High-altitude healthcare has gained more and more attention because the highland or plateau environment has unique affects on human health, such as curing some diseases and boosting human health.

The richly vegetated highland or plateau is considered as beneficial to human health. The low-oxygen content, dry air and strong ultraviolet radiation may stimulate theadaptive mechanism of humans and improve their cardiovascular or repository function. Besides, the local climate helps heal early hypertension, coronary disease, myocardiosclerosis, diabetes, bronchial asthma, obesity and regenerative anemia. Studies indicate that there is a low incidence of these diseases in a plateau or highland.

The Caucasus, the HI-WISE region and the Andes among other longevity areas are located on high mountains. The people in these areas live longer thanks to their special living environment and lifestyle. The chief reason is likely that a plateau or high mountain may retard human growth or sexual maturity and reduce the cardiovascular or cancerous incidence.

As high-altitude healthcare research went further, increasing countries and areas have become interested in this emerging field because relevant advance may cure or prevent specific diseases. That’s why the program aims to spread high-altitude healthcare.

Back in 1992, Li Jinyuan founded Tiens Group in Tianjin. After decades’ effort, it has blossomed into a business giant in biotechnology, health management, hoteliering, education, e-business and global trade.

Mr Li has been eager about educational progress in Muslim communities and elsewhere, becoming a good role model for China over the past 15 years.

We have focused on overseas business growth. As per regulations and customs, Tiens set up sound management and distribution frameworks globally. Now our business has spread across 224 countries and areas, including 110 countries and areas where there are branches and more than 20 countries with production bases. In this way, Tiens has offered health foods, beauty and skincare products, household goods and healthcare devices among other 600-odd products to nearly 50 million families around the world.

What’s more, we have never neglected education. Our Tianjin Tiens College was founded in 1999 and upgraded to Tiens University in 2008.

Thus far, Tians has mainly engaged in new global direct-selling, Tiens Experience Shop, Jianyangshuo E-Business, All-Legend Hotel Alliance, All-Legend Cultural Tours and Taijisun Health Management.

Naturally, we have always focused on product quality. For instance, some of our products passed FDA approval, RoHS certification, CE marking, ECOCERT Organic Agriculture certification, Agriculture Biologique (AB)certification, MHLW FSA standards, DSN-MUI Syariah Compliance, Islamic Hala certification, ISO 22000 certification and HACCP certification throughout more than 100 countries.

For these years, we have developed a strong sense of responsibility and invested almost RMB 20 billion in educational, charity and outreach activities.

Overall, Tiens and IECO plan to conduct life science research at high altitudes to benefit many more people in the region.

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