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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party Special Report—— Zhu Deping, Chairman of Guizhou Family Tree Wine Industry

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In China, there is a kind of power called Chinese power, and a kind of spirit called Chinese spirit. The Communist Party of China is the most steadfast advocate and practitioner of the spirit of patriotism, and a powerful spiritual force for the advancement of all Chinese brands.

2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the opening year of marching towards the second centenary goal. In order to actively implement the national brand power strategy, promote the comprehensive recovery and high-quality development of China's economy, and enhance the international brand of China Influence and competitiveness, with practical actions to present the centenary of the founding of the party and pay tribute to Chinese national brands, 20 domestic and foreign media jointly launched a special report "Welcome to the centenary of the founding of the party", by setting an advanced example, promoting brand spirit, and stimulating brand innovation vitality , Excavated a batch of outstanding national brands in the new era.

From morning tea to wine table culture, from the beauty of service badges to the state of etiquette, from quality domestic products to hundreds of national trends, from made in China to created in China, from food, clothing, housing and transportation to heavy equipment, the development and progress of national brands is not only extremely The earth has improved the quality of life of the Chinese people, and has also contributed to the development of the Chinese economy and the evolution of the society, leaving a strong mark in the forest of world brands. Focusing on China, Guizhou Family Tree Wine Co., Ltd., as an outstanding representative of the national brand in the Chinese liquor industry And the inheritors of traditional culture, based on historical culture and brewing technology, to show the world the strong brand strength and brand confidence of Chinese liquor.


Zhu Deping, female, from Guizhou, graduated from Guizhou Normal University in her early years and is currently the chairman of Guizhou Family Tree Wine Industry. Over the years, Zhu Deping has been full of honors. He has been awarded the World Outstanding China Business School Visiting Professor, China's Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Brand Building, Republican Economic Construction Meritorious Figures, China's Top 100 People in Reform and Innovation, China's Honest Entrepreneurs, and China's Top Ten Outstanding People Honorary titles such as Women, Asian Brand Management Outstanding Person Award, National Brand (Global) Promotion Ambassador. He also served as a member of the World Chinese Entrepreneur Association and concurrently as the vice chairman of the association and a visiting professor at the World Distinguished Chinese Entrepreneur School. His entrepreneurial thoughts were written into the book "Chinese Entrepreneur Thought Classics", and his name and patriotic declaration were engraved on the Juyongguan Great Wall "China Patriotic Merit List".

Guizhou Family Tree Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the general distributor of "Genea Wine" series products of Kweichow Moutai Group Technology Development Company. It has a sauce-flavored liquor with unique cultural connotation. In 2006, Guizhou Moutai Group Technology Development Company was based on the Chinese national brand and national brand. According to the demand of the liquor market, we have developed and promoted the strong aroma type with the characteristics of rich aroma, soft and sweet, harmonious aroma, sweet taste, soft mouth, and long tail. The fragrant and not bright, low but not light, mellow and elegant, Two high-quality, cost-effective and characteristic family tree surname cultural wines that are not strong or fierce and have a long aftertaste. Over the years, Family Tree Wine Co., Ltd. has always been committed to rooting the excellent Chinese traditional culture in its products, and has achieved remarkable achievements.

Quality can create a legend. Product quality is the foundation of all brand culture. The sustainable development of national industries must continue to improve and lead through its own strength, especially for national famous wine brands such as Guizhou Family Tree Wine. Achieved, the family tree wine has broken through the domestic liquor "homogeneous competition" pattern with its personalized cultural connotation. At the same time, Genealogy Liquor expands the market by organically combining the family tree surname culture inherited from China for five thousand years and the Moutai national liquor culture; the product relies on the Moutai national liquor brand image logo, takes the family tree surname emotional culture as the feelings, and is characterized by personalized customization. Take specific weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, full moons, ancestor worship, clan associations, comrades-in-arms, classmates, happy holidays, gifts to relatives and friends, reception banquet theme consumption as the core market; wine as a material carrier, traces the surnames of Chinese families The ins and outs of the history of clan reproduction have allowed a kind of "home" warmth to flow into our blood, emotions, beliefs, and moral civilization. With its excellent quality, it has won a good reputation from users.

In recent years, under the strategy of "brand-strengthening enterprise", Zhu Deping has made great efforts to dig deep into the cultural connotation of the brand and empower the brand with culture. Starting from the top-level design, it not only maintains the demeanor and outstanding quality of national wine, but also reflects the simplicity and elegance of the packaging. It has launched blue and white porcelain, safflower porcelain, imperial yellow, Chinese style, rose purple, emerald green and other collections of products. Redefines the value expression of China's super high-end liquor; continuously empowers the brand's cultural power and competitiveness.

A single spark can start a prairie fire, and the road to brand power needs to rely on the awakening and self-reliance of more and more Chinese national brands. For many years, Ms. Zhu Deping has been committed to the perfect combination of national traditional culture and traditional liquor. The "Family Tree Wine Chinese Style" designed and produced has "green, organic, and healthy essential attributes", with its super-material concrete cultural spiritual emotions. Experience, satisfy consumers' desire to pursue a high-quality life, and show the unique brand charm of contemporary cultural wines. Not only does it have the demeanor of the national liquor and its outstanding quality, it is also reflected in the simplicity and elegance of the packaging. It is tailored to the weight of a hundred family names and has become the first brand of Chinese liquor culture. In recent years, it has taken the lead all the way. In 2010, it became the only liquor brand in the world to enter the United Nations Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. A cultural brand and other honorary titles are well received by friends at home and abroad.

A hundred years ago, the wind and rain were like obscurity. On the centenary of the founding of the party in 2021, what should we commemorate? In addition to flowers and hymns, we must always remember the spirit and understanding of history. Today, the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is gushing out, and Chinese culture will become the spiritual force that promotes the development and progress of human society. Excellent national brands like Guizhou Family Tree Winery are once again on the road of inheritance. They have already carried the nation. The banner of the industry going to the world!

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