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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China Special Report-Li Youhua, the sacred hand of peony in the Chinese painting circle

TIME:2021-04-09 20:14   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August


In China, there is a kind of power called Chinese power, and a kind of spirit called Chinese spirit. The Communist Party of China is the most steadfast advocate and practitioner of the spirit of patriotism, and a powerful spiritual force for all art workers to advance.

In the early spring of Shiwei, the unity returns to the beginning, and Vientiane is renewed. The birth of the Communist Party of China in 1921 opened the prelude to China's transformation and opened a new chapter in Chinese history. After 100 years of tempering, the Communist Party of China has led the entire Chinese people from democracy to prosperity, and has realized one dream after another from the people being the masters of the country to the rise of a great country. In order to present the role of the Chinese spirit in artistic creation and show the spiritual outlook of contemporary painters, 10 domestic and foreign media jointly launched a special report "Contemporary Artists-Celebrating the Centennial Birthday of the Communist Party of China" to commend excellence in adhering to the "Chinese Spirit" Artists.


The sacred hand of Chinese painting peony-Li Youhua, as one of the participants of this outstanding artist series, has been taking the lead in advocating to discover, inherit, and protect the spirit of the painter, and earnestly study and follow the general secretary Xi’s point of "Chinese artists should become the trend of the times." The forerunners, pioneers, and pioneers of the People's Republic of China, through more literary works with bones, morals, and warmth, write and record the great practice of the people and the progress requirements of the times, and demonstrate the beauty of faith and the beauty of lofty." content.

Li Youhua, a native of Linyi, Shandong, a famous painter, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a director of the Chinese National Painters Association, a national first-level artist, a cultural and artistic consultant of Qinghai Province, won the title of "Top 100" painter in the Chinese painting circle. Li Youhua is good at small freehand flowers. He once gave Heze as a portrayal of peony. His works are calligraphic, elegant and charming, rigorous modeling, elegant and popular, forming a unique artistic style, known as the sacred hand of flower bed peony. Especially his peony, such as Yao Huang, Wei Zi, Er Qiao, Lantian Jade, Bean Green, and Fire Alchemy Pill, are unique.


In order to express his warm congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the party and his heart for the great motherland, Li Youhua expresses his love for the party, the motherland and his hometown from different angles, and praises the construction of the motherland. Great achievement. Over the years, he has promoted the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation through his paintings and spread positive social energy. He has not only made fruitful achievements in artistic creation and research, but also devoted himself to art education, and has helped the younger generations of art.

With the improvement of all aspects of modern life and the development of the fields of science and technology and culture, we must always keep in mind the spirit and insights possessed by history. Through the special report of "Contemporary Artists-Celebrating the Centennial Birthday of the Communist Party of China", following the artistic footprints of Li Youhua, the sacred hand of Chinese painting circles, can vigorously promote the spirit of traditional culture, and guide the people to establish and adhere to a correct view of history, nation, country, and culture. View. Through this event, we call on people to inherit the artistic spirit and artistic attainments of the older generation, not forget their original intentions, and carry forward our traditional art!


Attachment: The Sacred Hand of Peony in the Chinese Painting Circle-Li Youhua "Work Exhibition"




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