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"Jade" see Collection-- The thousand-year inheritance dream of a famous collector

TIME:2023-09-11 18:04   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

​Tang poetry Song Ci, rendering elegant dust off the human fireworks; Celadon white xuan, drawing elegant and high national style scroll; Cliff painting, carving rigid and soft phase contrast of the past...... In countless moments, traditional culture looks back in the depths of time, talks with contemporary people, tells people memories and evokes resonance. Mr. Lin Jinrong, a famous collector who enjoys tea and scenery in Suzhou Tiger Hill Tower scenic spot, is also having a perfect encounter with "jade".

Lin Qingxuan once said: "People should stand in the tradition, the heart will be deep." This is what we have seen of Mr Lim Kim Wing. He loves traditional culture and always loves China, thinking about how to better inherit and protect Chinese culture: he studied hard, read ancient books, appreciate calligraphy and painting, and taste tea is his life for several years. In the slightly noisy present, Mr. Lin Jinrong sticks to the beginning, diving into his own world, not being moved by theecular.

Mr. Lin also loves jade, in his heart, jade is floating to the world of the most beautiful token. He fell in love with jade when he was in his twenties, and then took root in research, focusing on the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture and jade culture for 30 years. At the same time, he also has a deep admiration for the ancient Chinese pagodas and ancient Bridges, which carry the great creations of Chinese civilization. These were, in his opinion, the most precious possessions in the world, and he did his best to preserve them for future generations to embellish. However, he also knows that cultural inheritance can not be self-satisfied and follow the old ways, so he is good at thinking, brave in innovation and diligent in practice for many years. Using the unchanged nature of jade for thousands of years, he finally created a series of jade sculptures with various jade as the carrier and the theme of Bridges, towers and boats - jade hundred Bridges, jade hundred towers and jade hundred boats, which are displayed in various exhibition halls. At the same time, it also creates a new page for the inheritance and development of jade, just as those who know create things, and those who are clever keep it. In Mr. Lin Jinrong's extraordinary life picture, there are deep love in the bone marrow, there are years of perseverance, there are unique innovations, and these are the most valuable answers he wrote under the time.

Looking back on the journey of thousands of mountains, looking forward to the road. In the past nearly 30 years, Mr. Lin Jinrong's energy and efforts are self-evident, and it is not difficult for us to imagine the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the process of innovation and inheritance. But he is like burning raw jade, quiet world youth, although unknown, but also shoulder the unspeakable historical mission, so that the power of traditional culture lasting.

We are well aware that traditional culture is the source of national spirit, guiding us in the direction of progress, protecting traditional culture, lifting the veil of history, and enjoying the beauty of China for thousands of years; Carry forward the traditional culture, spread the shining star of China, and communicate the world civilization. May we all, like Mr. Lin Jinrong, a famous collector, use our own ways to inherit, innovate and develop our traditional culture.

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