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E Storage Cloud Overseas Data Center launches to accelerate the new stage of Web3.0 development

TIME:2021-06-07 18:11   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August

With the rapid development of big data, 5G, artificial intelligence and new innovative infrastructures, China has entered the stage of deeply integrating with the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, where the "old and new" coexist. To accelerate the layout of digital transformation strategies in various fields, more cloud computing-based businesses and services are constantly put forward, followed by the opportunities and challenges facing the enterprise-level storage market.


Recently, four national departments jointly issued the "national integration of big data center collaborative innovation system computing force hub implementation plan". The scheme clearly put forward the layout of national hub nodes in major areas, the development of data center clusters, national hub nodes further development through network transmission channels, the accelerated implementation of "east west calculation" project, the vigorous improvement of the level of cross-regional computing scheduling. Simultaneously, strengthening the cloud computing service, and improving cloud security.

Big data industry has become an essential engine for the development of the new economy. In order to accelerate digitalization, intelligence and the expansion of the digital economy, E-chu Company alliance not only focuses on the current needs, but also focuses on the sustainable development in the future. By leveraging core technological barriers to develop the national cloud network integration strategy, data centers, transmission, server cluster computing power. E-level distributed storage is supplemented by the integrated control of the whole network to provide a safe, fast, high-quality and stable super platform for business-facing and customer-facing users.

After two months of systematic research and strict screening, technical testing and node development, E Storage Cloud Link is unanimously optimistic about the future ecological application value of Swarm, and will officially launch its layout of data center nodes at home and abroad.


Swarm, the official storage and communications system launched by Ethereum, part of the official Ethereum project, and developed mainly by foundations, allowing mine pool storage, bandwidth, and computing resources to support Ethereum network-based applications, was considered one of the three pillars of Web3.0 components. The goal of Swarm is to provide decentralized distributed redundant storage for Ethereum, with the main part of storing and distributing DAPP code data and blockchain data. One can treat its decentralized content storage and distribution services as a CDN, which solves all Ethereum data problems stored on the public chain such as slow runs, network blockages, etc.

Through 10 years of thorough research in the industry, E-chu Company Link has focused on IDC layout data centers in 21 provinces and cities, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei and Xuzhou, aiming to realize the interconnection of national data centers and form the largest internal data network in China. In addition, the E-chu Company Union is focused on global development, data centers with mutual layouts in more than a dozen countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Germany. At present, E Storage Cloud Alliance has more than 50 cooperative data centers at home and abroad, more than 300 professional and technical teams, vast user resources and strong bandwidth.


With the strong support of national policies and initiatives, E-chu Company Union will make full use of the advantages of core barriers, and continue developing each track with confidence to provide the safest and most reliable service guarantee for the majority of users. Taking advantage of the trends to reach further accomplishments. While deepening distributed storage and promoting the development of the data industry, "E-chu Company" will lay a solid foundation for data storage, transmission, control and other applications through national data centers and other foundational instruments, and will take on the mission of "connecting cloud with the world, and the long-term storage of data". Forging the future and boost the construction of China's new infrastructure undertakings.


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