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Anti-epidemic songs《Xia Du Anning》

TIME:2021-11-09 13:06   SOURCE:Network    WRITER:August




Word: Sun Lin

Qu: Sonanzaba

General Planning: Zhuoma

Arrangement;Pure Sound Workshop (Xiao Lei)

Sound recording:Shen Music Studio

Yushu Snow yin Culture and Media Company

Sing:Central Jin ze Liu Jialiang

Onsa Asange came to Pengtso

You are the quiet harbor in my heart

You are my leisurely life leisurely tomorrow

The outbreak has brought about an unexpected test

But I firmly believe that the summer capital is safe

You are the rivers and mountains that I want to stop by

You are the peaceful home of my life

The war epidemic has left an unforgettable moment

So I firmly believe that the summer is long safe

Fight the epidemic and fight the epidemic

The streets and alleys are the oath to win in the fight against the epidemic

Wait until the winter snow and elegant spring flowers are romantic

Wait until the winter snow fluttering spring flowers in full bloom

We share Ning'an in Xiadu

The Qinghai Provincial Red Cross Society

The Propaganda Department of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee

The Propaganda Department of the CPC Yushu Municipal Committee

Yushu Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Qinghai Jiangton Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd

(Xining Tangand Tibetan Ancient Road Catering Culture and Art Center)

Qinghai Danzhou Culture and Media Co., Ltd

Qinghai Chunyinfang Culture and Art Co., Ltd



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